Talbott Counseling Program



Ms. Raduege's Counseling philosophy:  To best meet the learner's personal/emotional, academic, and career needs.  I do this through classroom guidance lessons, small groups, and school-wide programs, and individual counseling that promote PBIS and Rachel's Challenge throughout the year.


We are learning that we are smart and strong enough to solve our own small problems!

A small problem:

Is one that may make me feel annoyed, embarrassed, upset or lonely. Kelso also taught me to solve it myself by trying at least two of  the following choices:

  1. Go to another game    

  2. Share and take turns

  3. Talk it out    

  4. Walk away

  5. Ignore    

  6. Tell them to stop

  7. Apologize    

  8. Make a deal

  9. Wait and cool off


A big problem:

Is a conflict that makes me feel scared or bullied. It is anything that breaks the rules. I need to tell any safe adult so they can help solve a big problem.

Please help me at home by practicing solving their own problems so that they may learn this valuable lesson and feel safe in any environment!

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Thank you!

Ms. Raduege

Talbott STEAM Innovation School Counselor

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