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Scholarship for students who have attended Talbott STEAM Innovation School 

The PSP, staff, students and community of Talbott Steam Innovation School (formerly known as Talbott Elementary) believe that it is beneficial for school/community to offer a scholarship to students who have formerly attended Talbott Steam Innovation School (formerly known as Talbott Elementary). One or two scholarships of $500.00 are offered annually. The sources of funding included the Talbott PSP and direct donations. The funds will be held by the PSP in a scholarship account. A committee of consisting of Talbott staff and a parent, would be established to administer the fund and decide upon the recipient(s) of the scholarship(s).

The following are the requirements to be considered to receive the scholarship:

1. Recipient(s) must be a former Widefield School District 3 student with 3 years attendance, including at least 2 of those years at Talbott, and a Widefield High School (W.H.S.) or Mesa Ridge High School (M.R.H.S.). Discovery High School students would need to apply through what would have been their home school. Recipient(s) must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

2. Recipient(s) must have at least 3 letters of recommendation from a teacher, employer, counselor, or other adult (non-family member) who can give a statement about his/her academic potential, school or community service activities, work experience and/or other qualities that they possess.

3. 400-500 word essay on a separate piece of paper, typed and doubled spaced, explaining why you should receive the scholarship, your goals, and how you plan to achieve them.

4. Applications for the scholarship must be completed and submitted to the Talbott Steam Innovation School Office by 3:30 pm April 3rd, 2019. An official transcript and letters of recommendation must be attached. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

5. The final decision for the scholarship(s) shall rest solely with the Talbott Steam Innovation School Scholarship Committee.

6. Recipient(s) must be accepted to an approved university, college or institution of advanced training beyond high school.

7. Presentation of the scholarship(s) certificate(s) shall be made at the high school’s awards’ assembly.

8. Payment of the scholarship(s) shall be made to the recipient upon presentation of proof of enrollment or registration at a qualified college or trade school.

9. The recipient(s) cannot be a relative of any person on the Talbott Steam Innovation School Scholarship Committee. Talbott Steam Innovation School Scholarship