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Ms. Sanchez standing in computer lab

Get to know Ms. Sanchez

Ms. Sanchez -Grade 3

Teaching is the only profession I ever saw myself in. I knew from a very early age that I was going to be a teacher and pursued my goal as I went further in my education. As a child, I loved playing school with my sister and cousins. I always played the teacher and they were always the students. As a military child, I started my education as a kindergartener in Germany, transitioned to an elementary student in Hawaii, to a middle school student in Washington, and finally a high schooler in Texas. The one constant was my love of learning. In middle school, in Spokane, Washington I had an amazing World History Teacher who sparked my love of history. I wanted to be a middle school history teacher just like her. I went on to study and receive a degree in history at The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. In college, I had an opportunity to work for a language school and teach Spanish to elementary students in an afterschool program which helped guide me towards becoming an elementary school teacher. I had so much fun teaching K-6th grade students Spanish that I knew I wanted to explore teaching elementary school and I've been here ever since. 🙂 This is now my eighteenth year in teaching and my sixth year in WSD3. I continue to love helping my students learn and grow. I also continue to learn from my students everyday!

Fun Facts:
1. I love to run and I am currently training to run in my first marathon.
2. My husband and his siblings all went to Talbott. My sister-in-law even had Ms. Scarcello as her third grade teacher. 🙂