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What’s Your Why


Ms. Fox-Principal

I had the unique opportunity to spend a summer on the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Central Oregon before I went to college in Washington. I taught reading to the children there.

I worked with a third grade boy who could not read. He tried to make those individual letter sounds string together to form a word. And it took him a long time. When he finally put a word together on his own, his eyes flew open with recognition that he had become a reader, and he threw his arms around me and he wept.

When I was at Washington State University, it was time to choose a major and my advisor asked me what I thought I should be. I thought about being a lawyer or linguist. She asked me to tell her about a time where I was felt joy. I shared the story of that boy and she said, “You should be a teacher.” And that is when I knew in an instant that is what I was meant to be. I know educators say they got in the business because they love children and I certainly do. But I also got in this business to help students be whoever they want to be. I am passionate about my calling.

I have taught in elementary, middle, and high schools. I was an adjunct professor while in Washington at three universities. I came to Colorado for adventure, sunshine, snow, and the opportunity to lead our STEAM school. I am so glad I came!

Fun Facts ❤️

*Mom to Rustin, Cam, and Kylin

*My children are my biggest supporters.

*Panzer is my fur baby.

*I’ve done a Spartan Race.

*I have 5 sisters.

*I used to be a caterer.

*I jumped out of an air plane twice in a week.

*I was a beekeeper for several years and harvested my own honey.

*I am very adventurous.

*I was Miss Congeniality in a beauty pageant.